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About Me

I’m Marie and as I have said I am a hopeless romantic. I have been my entire life! I’m the girl who believes that there is someone out there for everyone even though I haven’t found my someone yet (came close once) and that everyone deserves a happily ever after. I always see the good in everyone and everything and am usually the first to forgive. I am quick to give a helping hand or a second chance and reading has been my passion since the tender age of 2. My father got me first book when I was 2 and then at 13 I read my first romance book and that was all she wrote (in a manner of speaking.) I was hooked and still am to this day.

About Blushing Reads

I started Blushing Reads because my wonderful friend is a blogger and told me I would love it. I think truthfully she was tired of me sending her book recommendations on Goodreads and emails. 😉 Sharing all the different romance books that I read with all of my wonderful readers is something that I not only enjoy but am blessed to be able to do. My hope is that somewhere along the way that my readers find not only great books to read but wonderful new authors that inspire them.

What I Write About

All things romance books! That’s correct! I write mostly romance book reviews and all the sub-genres that that entails. There of the occasional insight into me posts but for the most part all I write about are the books I read, books that are just coming out, books to read, well you get the idea.

Want to work with me?

If you are an author or publisher that would like to work with me you can  Request a Review or learn more about my other options.

Disclosure policy

I always disclose when I receive a book. Many of the books tat I receive here at Blushing Reads are gifted to me in exchange for my review. However that does not in any way change my opinion of the book. My opinions and ratings are always 100% my own.

Media Mentions

There are occasions when I am lucky enough to be quoted or mentioned on other websites and even within books themselves. You will find those here!

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