Authors and Publishers: Please Reads First

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my rules for contacting me with your requests.  I get so many requests that I felt these rules were needed. I am so super thrilled that you want to work with me!  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Please note that I only write Romance book (all sub-genres)  reviews. The ONLY exception to that is the books in the book clubs that I belong to.
  • I only accept review requests submitted through the form here (available months are listed there as well) unless we have an established working relationship or the authors listed on my favorite authors list found here. I will always review one of their books regardless how busy I am. Please note that I am forever adding to this list so don’t take offense if you are not listed there. If you just send me an email, chances are I may never see it. My assistant scans all emails and forwards requests to me. This is just to keep me on track because I have a tendency to say yes to everyone and end up falling behind.
  • I do NOT accept read any requests that come through our Facebook page. I am the WORST about answering Facebook messages so using them is never a good idea.
  • Due to time restrains only a certain number of requests that I can accept. I do try to response to every request regardless of whether it’s approved or not but I will be honest and say that doesn’t always happen.  If you have not heard back from me within a month of submitting your request, chances are it did not get approved.
  • I work with a number of Tour and Promo companies.  I do ask that Publicists and tour hosts not add me to your mailing lists without an introduction email first. It just helps me add you to my approved list and get your emails a higher priority with my assistant who has a current list of all Publicists and Tour companies that I work with and approve those emails adding them to the schedule with no issues.
  • The typical time frame for getting a book reviewed after submitting the request form is roughly two months. I do try to let you know the date you are scheduled for when I approve the request and we can work together on a date that works for everyone. Please note that life happens and I read a lot of books so those dates are always subject to change without notice.
  • I do post sales that I’m sent. They are posted at my discretion and I always show preference to tour companies that I work with, or that books that I have read, favorite authors, and those friends have recommended. Again since this blog is all about romance books those are the only sales I post.
  • I do post guest posts and interviews but ask that you book them in advance. You can do that via the form here.

If you have any questions, you can reach me by email at mare(at) blushingreads(dot) com