Book Blitz: The Billionaire’s Deal by Crystal Kaswell

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Book Blitz: The Billionaire’s Deal by Crystal KaswellThe Billionaire’s Deal (Episode 1) by Crystal Kaswell
Genres: New Adult Romance

Kat Wilder is screwed. No parents to take care of her. No money to pay the mortgage for the apartment she shares with her little sister. No chance at a future. She doesn’t even have time to daydream about her passions. She barely gets by waiting tables, getting treated like crap by the wealthy people who think she’s nothing.

Then she runs straight into billionaire tech CEO Blake Sterling.

Aloof, distant, and utterly in control, Blake is impossible to read. He wants Kat to play the role of his girlfriend and he’s more than willing to dig her out of debt. His intentions are good. According to him.

They need to convince everyone they’re madly, deeply in love. Their entire relationship would be a lie. And a big one. The one true thing—the two of them alone, together—that part would be amazing.

It would be Blake’s way. Blake’s terms. Blake utterly in control, inside and outside the bedroom.

There’s no way she can agree. There’s no way she can refuse.


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Who doesn’t love a billionaire? Not that I know any but hey a girl can dream, can’t she? How about a few excerpts from this amazing book and then a giveaway or two?

Blake speaks in a calm, even voice. “You’re twenty-one. No college education. No safety net. You need money, and you don’t have many options.”


“It would be a difficult job, but nothing you can’t do.”

“I’m not a whore.”

“I wouldn’t pay for sex. That would be because you want me.” He brushes his hand against the inside of my knee.

My breath catches in my throat. “No, I…”

“It wasn’t a question.” He leans closer. “I want you, too.”

“But…” My heart thuds. That flutter is in full affect. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even know the guy but the thought of him wanting me… I’m on fire.

“You’d be playing a part. My loving girlfriend. All of that would be fake. The two of us, alone together, that would be real.”

“I don’t know how to be a pretend girlfriend.” I wipe my palms on my jeans. “I don’t even know how to be a real girlfriend.”

He stares at me, studying me. “You’re perfect. I’m willing to negotiate if you’re interested.”

Okay I would most likely act he same way if a man said all that to me! That is why I love these sort of romance books! Because if a man ever said that to me in real life I would be running in the opposite direction. Blake, however, is a man who will take care of everything!

He brushes my hair from my shoulder. “When you’re with me, Kat, I’ll take care of everything.”


He nods.


He nods.

“What else?”

He runs his hands over my bra. “Clothing.”

“Oh, that stands for clothing, does it?”

He nods.


About the Author

Crystal Kaswell writes steamy romances with flawed characters. When she isn’t writing, she is thinking about writing. Or watching way too many episodes of Law and Order in a row.


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  1. Jessica Cox

    The excerpts sound HOT ,and I am with you It could never happen to me but man I bet it makes a great read

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