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It is Christmas in July!! I love celebrating Christmas in July, don’t ask me why. I am thrilled to bring you another amazing hop and am, as always, thankful to our hosts The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island for coming up with such an awesome hop.

Last month when I participated in a hop the iPad Mini Gold was so popular I thought I would do it again. Chances are it will be the last one I offer as a price this year just to keep things fresh but I know that many of you (from the sheer number of emails I have gotten) were really excited and hoped to win this prize. So without further ado lets get started.

Gold iPad Mini

gold ipad mini 3

I really love the gold color and I am certain that many of you do as well. It is just a fabulous color choice (in my opinion!) πŸ˜‰

giveaway header
Enter below for your chance to win the iPad Mini, Open  Giveaway ENDS July 27, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST and is open Worldwide.

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234 responses to “Christmas in July Giveaway Hop

  1. Christmas in July is lots of fun. It makes even more exciting over the Summer and if you aren’t going any place adds some little “surprises” to the middle of the year!

  2. Mary Beth Elderton

    I love thinking about Christmas in July when it is so hot outside—a little escape. I also love getting a little taste of the gift-giving season πŸ™‚

  3. Kristen

    I appreciate the chance to start putting some things away for Christmas so I won’t have to stress about it at the last minute!

  4. Janet W.

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July are the wonderful gifts and being able to save them for Christmas in December!

  5. Kelly Nicholson

    What is your favorite thing about Christmas in July?

    no santa claus ha ha….its just a lot of fun thanks

  6. Jessica Sage

    I love spending a night watching a christmas movie with a hot cocoa trying to forget how hot it is outside

  7. Andre Mendes

    I love the summer, I hate the cold to be honest. In Brazil Christmas is during the summer, which is very weird…in a good way!

  8. Wayne Lecoy

    I am entering your Christmas in July Giveaway.
    It would be awesome to win an iPad Mini.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favorite thing about Christmas in July?
    I have never celebrated Christmas in July but i like the idea of getting gifts.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  9. Christina B.

    I guess my favorite thing about Christmas in July is thinking about how true it really is and how Jesus was most likely born during the hotter months and not Winter. Of Course the climate is forever changing so our winter could have been their warm weather and all…

  10. Christy Peeples DuBois

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is fun surprises without it even being Christmas. Plus it kind of gets my mind in fear to be thinking about Christmas gifts because it will be here so soon.

  11. Kim W.

    Christmas is July is great, because it prompts me to start thinking about Christmas gifting, so that I don’t have to purchase a bunch of items in November and December. I have time to look for sales and deals on items, as well as think about the handmade items that I crochet or craft.

  12. Debbie F

    I like Christmas in July because you get presents 6mths earlier. πŸ™‚
    I don’t like the summer because of the heat but who I can’t begrudge Christmas for that.

  13. Judy Thuy Duong

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is the fact that it let’s me have Christmas twice a year.

  14. Luminous Angel

    My favorite thing about Xmas in July is to give little presents that I can’t wait to give until December! ;p

  15. Tina Bowden

    We do Christmas in July down at the beach with cold turkey, potato salad and all the fixin’s. My favorite part is actually digging out the stockings and filling them with gifts to bring to the beach!

  16. Leslie Crosbie

    For me it really feels like Christmas in July because my oldest son is turning 19yrs on July 12th and my twin boys turn 17yrs on July 10th!! I actually brought the twins home on my oldest sons 2nd bday! Each year July gets more & more expensive!!

  17. Barbara

    There are a lot of great sales right now. If it’s nice out, I can take a cold drink and my tablet and do some Christmas shopping from my deck.

  18. Kenya F

    I live in NY so Christmas in July means nice hot weather and buying things now that are on sale and saving them for December.

  19. Melissa woman

    of course I love spending time with my family at Christmas, and Christmas in July is all about spending it in great weather on the patio πŸ™‚

  20. Edmond

    OMG, jumping Jupiter , I like I can still hang my Christmas tree. . Wow, prize ipad is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. πŸ™‚ Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the ipad to work and eat. A life changing exp.

  21. Amanda Logan

    The best thing about Christmas in July is celebrating my favourite holiday without the cold weather! πŸ˜‰

  22. Jackie

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is being able to see my family without the fear of a snowstorm.

  23. Bo Simms

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July are the great deals, and everyone’s in a good mood and it’s an opportunity to spread joy and kindness to others.

  24. Anita Duvall

    You can close your eyes and pretend that it is snowing during Christmas in July. It’s also a great time to get jump-started on your gifts.

  25. Beth Mason

    The best thing about Christmas in July is all the awesome gifts. It would be super awesome to win this ipad mini! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  26. Katy

    I always love the sales going on this time of year. We bought a few things for my toddler daughter today on Amazon’s Prime Day and saved a ton! I must admit, though, I like the giveaways the best! πŸ™‚

  27. sheila ressel

    My favorite thing is that you can get great deals on summer items that you may not even be able to find in December.

  28. PatrΓ­cia XarΓ‘

    Christmas in July is not a thing in Portugal. So, I’ll have to say that I like the giveaways. x)

  29. Ryan B

    Well Christmas is normally about Friends, Family and Good Eats.
    Since none of that it happening it has to be about the presents.

  30. Sarah Oswald

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is the sales so I can start shopping now and not have to wait till November or December.

  31. Christy Caldwell

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July are all the awesome giveaways and sales. Thanks bunches!

  32. Kristin

    Getting a taste of Christmas early — the decorations and music and sales that I catch on QVC, for example!

  33. Kimberly Hilbert

    I have to admit I’m not a fan of Christmas in July. I love to keep the holidays separate and enjoy them in their own time. But I do love the Christmas in July sales.

  34. Melissa Storms

    I love that a lot of stores have Christmas in July sales. It makes it much easier to pick up a few items and tuck them away for Christmas, as long as you remember what you bought and where you put it.

  35. Judy Cox

    My favorite holiday is Christmas, so a second Christmas in July is definitely a plus for shopping and getting gifts.

  36. Julie Lundstrom

    I love everything about Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. I like Holiday baking, the Christmas music, the Christmas lights and shopping for gifts.

  37. Brandy hilton

    What I like best about Christmas in July is that I get the opportunity to win this awesome gold I pad mini. Thanks a lot for the chance.

  38. ellen beck

    I think I like Christmas in July because it is fun, but I dont associate it with a Holiday or anything, more associated with sales

  39. Anne

    Living in Maine means that Christmas is cold, so I love that Christmas in July involves warmer weather, sunshine, and no boots, coats, hats, scarves, and mittens!

  40. Judy Thomas

    I like Christmas in July because living in New Zealand our Christmas is a BBQ or a hangi but in July we have winter and its great to have a baked ham or roast turkey.

  41. elizabeth miller

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is the chance to maybe win a present or two for people I love and get a jump start on Christmas and a help to the Christmas budget. I also just kind of love the excitement over it alone…like my daughter who is standing here and just saw your giveaway and is all excited hoping we win.

  42. Krista M

    Ok, I must be living under a rock because seriously I’ve never even heard of “Christmas in July”, I just had to google it! haha So I will say the beautiful weather & great giveaways such as this iPad mini!

  43. michele soyer

    christmas in July gives me an excuse to celebrate and think about buying presents for the real Christmas.. When I worked in a hotel we did Christmas in July with lights and a tree and all the guests loved it…

  44. Sharon Schoepe

    I love that it’s a little escape from the oppressive heat of summer. It reminds me that cooler temps are on the way and it won’t be long before my kids are getting excited for Christmas

  45. Veronica L

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July has to be the sales, plus I love shopping early and getting ahead of my list.

  46. Amanda Ruane

    Like many people, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays but unlike December Christmas July Christmas is so much more relaxing since there no deadlines. Also, one does not have to go into debt by spending money you do not have which is my favorite reason for Christmas in July.

  47. Lynn

    I like the gifts not having to wait til Summer, you can get summer theme gifts. It’s just fun because summer can be mellow and boring

  48. Michaela Kay

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is picking out our tree for the coming Christmas. It’s great to be able to do it while it’s so nice outside and really gets me looking forward to Christmas coming around the corner.

  49. Sandy Pincombe

    Christmas in July means a great holiday in warm weather. Plus you get to celebrate twice. And since today is the 25th that means 5 months until ChristmasπŸ˜‡

  50. crystal gibson

    I don’t think we’ve ever done anything like Christmas in July. It would be great if it wasn’t so cold and snowy.

  51. Jana Williams

    Thank You for this Amazing Giveaway, I Would Really Love to Win and iPad Mini and it’s a Great & Very Generous Prize! I Read Constantly but I Don’t Have a Cell Phone or Tablet or Even a Laptop to Read My eBooks on, I Have to Borrow My Mother’s Laptop b/c My Samsung Tablet Broke (After Only 9 Months Too!) I Was in a Motorcycle Accident and I Hurt My Neck So Lately I Have had a Ton of Down Time and I Get So Bored So I Read to Pass the Time! Also I’m Super Excited About this Christmas in July Giveaway b/c I Love Christmas! I’m Not a Big Fan of Hot Weather, I’m More of a Cold or Cool Weather Type of Person So Christmas is One of My Favorite Holidays & Not Just b/c of the Snow but Also b/c it’s a Time to Spend with Your Loved Ones! Even Though it’s Christmas in July it Still Floods My Mind with Warm & Cozy Memories of Family & Good Food and Fun! I Love to Be Reminded of Christmas Even Though it’s a few Months Away, it Takes Your Mind Off of the Heat for a While! I Used to Go to Cracker Barrel Just to Look at All the Christmas Decor b/c it Always Puts Me in a Good Mood, I Mean Who Doesn’t Love Christmas? For Me it Isn’t So Much About the Presents, it’s About Celebrating the Birth of Our Savior & Reminding Us to Cherish Our Friends & Family and to Not Take Things for Granted in Life! Well I Know I’m Excited About Christmas in July & I Hope Others are Too! Thanks Again for this Awesome iPad Giveaway, I Really Do Appreciate it! Have a Blessed Day and a Safe & Happy Summer Too – Jana

  52. Bailey Dexter

    When I think about Christmas in July, I can see my grand kids getting excited for the Holidays! We do so many things together & take in the lights!

  53. Karen A.

    My favorite thing is all the terrific giveaways. Thanks to all you hard-working people who set this up.

  54. sarah s

    I’ve never really celebrated Christmas in July, but there does seem to be more sales and awesome giveaways like this one so that’s fun:)

  55. Caitlin Dunn

    My favorite thing is I can decorate for Christmas and get into the Christmas spirit without having to worry about having enough money to buy so many presents.

  56. Jen L

    I love Christmas and though I don’t want to see snow, I would love to see an new A/C unit as a summer pressie!

  57. Cynthia Richardson

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is that it adds some fun to an otherwise hot and humid month.

  58. Sam Stamp

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is being able to go swimming with the Christmas feeling in the air!

  59. Teresa

    I love Christmas in December but my favorite thing about Christmas in July is that it’s warm out! No snowstorms to drive through.

  60. Jerry Marquardt

    Here in July, I like to think about what I am going to get this year for Christmas. I am in great need of a nice new pair of jeans, a laptop and a new cell phone.

  61. Amy Deeter

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is all the great deals and great giveaways everywhere. Such a nice thing to do

  62. Laurie Emerson

    My favorite thing about Christmas in July is not having the pressure you have in December and can just enjoy the holiday.

  63. Cheryll Shubert

    I love the sales!!! I have a small shopping addiction so the sales alleviate a little of my guilt, lol!!

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