Review: Forbidden (Death Dealers #1) by Alana Sapphire

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Review: Forbidden (Death Dealers #1) by Alana SapphireMy Rating:

Forbidden by Alana Sapphire
Series: Death Dealers MC #1
Genres: MC Romance

18+ for explicit language, violence, drug use, and sexual situations. Book 1 in a series. **NOT A STANDALONE**

The last thing I want is to get tangled in my sister’s way of life. We share blood but we couldn't be more different. I'm into books, art, and music while she's a stripper and motorcycle club whore. I've vowed to stay as far away from that life as I can, but Gage, the club's sexy President has set his sights on me. From our very first meeting he made his intention clear – he wants me in his bed. Well, he put it a little more crudely. He’s a foul-mouthed, arrogant, domineering, infuriating biker who just wants to use my body but I can’t help my attraction to him. Even if I wanted to give in to him, I can’t. He's off limits. No matter how much I want him, I can never have him. He's forbidden.

I'm the President of the Death Dealers MC. My road name is Reaper. Wanna guess how I got it? Yeah, no one messes with me. I live for my club, my family, and getting chicks. I don’t do relationships. Women throw themselves at me, and if they're lucky, I'll give them a couple orgasms and a life-long memory. It’s easy. That is, until I met Raven. I wanted her the moment I saw her but I can’t have her – at least not yet. She’s different from the women I’m used to and I’m caught between wanting her and not wanting to corrupt her. I should stay away from her but how can I? They say forbidden fruit is the sweetest and I’m dying for a taste.


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My Review

The last thing that Raven wants to do is hook up with a biker (Don’t the girl know that you shouldn’t say things like that because life finds that sort of stuff funny and throws you a curve ball!) She honestly hasn’t had the best experience  with bikers since her sister is a club whore for the Death Dealers MC. However Gage seems to do something for her. He is the typical MC president and guy in that he is very much an alpha male and also a big “I don’t do commitment ever” man whore.

Yet there is something about Raven that he can’t help love. It could be that she is different than most of the chicks he comes across. She is sassy and innocent which makes him want to treat her differently. The one thing I really like about Gage was that even though they are in Georgia (no judging! I’m a Georgia gal myself) and the legal consent age is like 16 he won’t have sex with her until she turns 18. That really made me respect him a bit. Here is this guy whose moral compass broke a long time ago yet he still attempts to keep something pure and good that way.

Rave is confused when it comes to Gage. She wants him but then she doesn’t not to mention the fact that Gage has made it clear that he doesn’t do relationships. I fell for her, I mean what girl wants to just wait for her birthday to have sex with a guy and that’s it. So she gets a boyfriend, Chris, whom she likes and cares for but she doesn’t really love him.
This book was great and while I am typically not a lover of cliffhangers this one was perfect. The sexual tension was something that you could actually feel and by the end I was frustrated that they hadn’t had sex.  I couldn’t put it down and actually ended up reading all three books back to back.

Series Reading Order

Please remember that these are NOT STANDALONE BOOKS! you must read them in this order. You can find the series on Goodreads and Amazon.

About Alana Sapphire

Music and writing are my two great loves. I always thought I’d be doing one or the other. Alas, I cannot sing or play an instrument so I’m relegated to listening to music (and eating copious amounts of chocolate) while I write. Hoping you’ll enjoy my characters as much as I do!

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