Harper Sloan Our May Author of the Month

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Harper Sloan May Author of the Month

It has been a while since I did any author spotlights and I thought it was past time to bring it back. So after a lot of debating about which author to spotlight I decided it would be Harper Sloan. She is on my favorite authors list and I will read pretty much anything she writes. He books are always full of emotion!

What I will be doing is reviewing her books in her Corps Security series and the spin-off of Hope Town. Each book will have it’s own review but allow me tell you a few of my thoughts on each book in that series.

Corps Security


Axel is very serious and clearly the leader of this group of men. He and Izzy go thorugh so much that I wasn’t sure they would find a way to come out of it together. There are two favorite moments in this book for me. The first is when Izzy decides she needs to have some things pierced and the second is when she shows Axel her angel tattoo. Both of those moments are great.


Greg and Melissa have a connection to one another that they didn’t even know. When they meet it is explosive. Add in little Cohen who always wants to know about “wiener rings” and you have a book full of laughter and love. When Greg goes to get Cohen after he is taken you see the side of him that you knew was there but normally only every see the big teddy bear.


Beck and Dee have been skirting around each other since they met in book 1. This one brings it all to a head. Dee has to face her fears and this is also the book where we lose of the guys that we love. His death sets things up for the next two books as it has a profound effect. I will tell you this


This is a novella about Greg and Melissa. It is really heart-wrenching at times. This is also the first time that we hear Cohen’s side of anything. He is just a small boy in this one and his parts are hard to read. At least they were for me. I already loved him as a character this just made me love a little more.


Meet Coop’s brother Asher who is still reeling from Coop’s death. Add in Chelcie who is carrying a little piece of Coop and you have two people that were simply destined to be together. There is no other way to explain it.


Maddox Locke is my all time favorite character of this series. Him and Emerson  have a rough start. Maddox never smiles as you will have read in the other books and he is the most serious of all the guys. He also is handicapped but that doesn’t stop him in anyway although it does affect how he sees himself and how he thinks others see him.


Hope Town


Unexpected Fate

Cohen is all grown up and in love with Axel’s daughter Dani! They have a lot to go through before they can be together. My favorite part of this book is when Dani bursts into laughter their first time together. Remember Cohen wanted some particular jewelry years ago?

Bleeding Love

Megan lost husband and has retreated into herself. Liam (Beck and Dee’s son) loves Megan and her daughter but has his work cut out for him. Here see Liam as more than just everyone’s friend. I love the moments when he sings especially since no one knows that he can do it really well until the first time he does it for Megan.

When I’m With You

Nate (Axel and Izzy’s son) and Emberlyn (Maddox and Emmy’s daughter) have been in love with one another for years. Nate however wouldn’t let it go anywhere because of the age difference. Nate is simply funny in both of the other books and he has funny moments here as well. However here we see him as more of a man. Loving Maddox’s daughter was never going to be easy but I love the compromise that these two strong men come to.

Worth Mentioning


Sway is a hairdresser that we meet in book one of  Corps Security and he is in every book there after including in the Hope Town books. He is larger than life and someone that you can’t help but love. Gold and glitter are his favorite things! He paints the sidewalk gold and never makes any excuses for being himself. In Beck Sway attends the funeral dressed down as a man. No high heels, no flamboyant clothes, no wig. When he placed that jar of gold glitter onto the casket I had to stop reading and cry for like two days. It was rough. Everyone needs a Sway in their life!



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  1. Donna Cheatle

    I love, love, love this series!! Harper Sloan is awesomeness!! I feel a rereading session coming on!

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