Review: Hunted (Tough Justice #8) by Carla Cassidy

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Review: Hunted (Tough Justice #8) by Carla CassidyMy Rating:

Hunted by Carla Cassidy
Series: Tough Justice #8
Genres: Military/Police Romance

Live or die. Her or Moretti. The time is now.

The worst has happened: her mark is on the run. But Special Agent Lara Grant has no clues. No destination. Just fear for those she loves and bone-deep belief that he's coming straight for her. But she knows Moretti …just as he knows her. And when the final clue clicks into place, the hunt is on.

Lara will do anything it takes to catch this evil man who has caused the deaths of countless innocent people. With emotions on a knife edge, Lara is running on instinct, on the desperation of unconditional love. With adrenaline pumping, this is it for Lara…flight is not an option; all she can do is fight to the end…

Part 8 of 8 in the chilling, high-octane FBI thriller TOUGH JUSTICE from New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy and authors Tyler Anne Snell, Carol Ericson and Gail Barrett.


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My Review

This was the end of the series and I will tell you that I enjoyed each and every one of these. Like I said before I thought that pretty much everything was resolved in book 7 but no! Book 8 brought it all together and made me want more. Nick and Lara are still learning about one another and still in that new sort of stage even after everything they went through.  I was left wondering if Lara and the team could be brought back sometime in the future for more and if so I am all for it!


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About Carla Cassidy

Carla loves danger…but only when it comes in the pages of a book. She’s been a professional cheerleader, a singer and dancer, but the best job she’s ever had is writing books for readers to enjoy. She’s had over 140 books published and has enough ideas for new books to keep her busy for years to come.

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4 responses to “Review: Hunted (Tough Justice #8) by Carla Cassidy

  1. Emily Endrizzi

    Wow! Over 140 books published! That’s really quite an amazing feat. Justice sounds awesome! I love the cover!

  2. Birdiebee

    Wow, I would love to read this series. I am just starting to getting back into reading and these books would be a start.

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