Love Under Two Strong Men (Lusty, Texas #7)

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Love Under Two Strong Men (Lusty, Texas #7)My Rating:

Love Under Two Strong Men (Lusty, Texas #7) by Cara Covington
Genres: Menage Romance

Tracy has been in love with Jordan Kendall forever. When Jordan gets together with Peter Alvarez, she couldn’t be happier. She fell in love with the handsome Fed at first sight, and she knows the sparks are there for all three of them. But while Peter seems receptive, Jordan still thinks of her as a kid.

So Tracy takes the biggest gamble of her life. When it works, she’s thrilled. Until she realizes that Jordan can’t trust that they’re forever—and that Peter is keeping a secret.

Jordan has never been able to completely relax in his own skin. He wants to believe Tracy and Peter can be his for a lifetime, but his own self-doubt keeps getting in the way.

Then he learns that Peter’s got a price on his head, and Jordan knows he’ll do anything he has to do to protect the man, and the woman, he loves.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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My Thoughts

Lusty, Texas has every type of relationship you could dream of! Well at least they have so far as I have read and that’s okay. That is one of the great things about this particular series is that it is a come as you are, regardless of unconventional it may seem. This particular book dives into bi-sexual love and before this book I had only ever read one other. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at home much love (not just sex!) that there is in the relationship between not only the men and Tracy but between each other as well.

“I haven’t even kissed you yet.” Peter reached out and touched Jordan. It seemed as if the heat from Jordan’s body seared his palm, then rushed into his bloodstream. A light stroke of his hand across Jordan’s shoulder turned into a longer, trembling caress down his chest, across his pecs. Thrilling, this first touch of the man who would in moments become his lover.

Even more thrilling, Jordan’s caress of his chest tripped his heart.

“So kiss me.”

Can’t you just feel the love and lust? They are both very Alpha male but somehow the relationship works and they complement one another. Peter knows what he wants, as does Tracey but Jordan has a few issues that need to be worked through.

Peter had always been one to know instinctively what he wanted. All his life, he’d made choices that seemed at best to be random. He hadn’t been in Lusty, Texas, long when he knew what he wanted his life to be years in the future. He wanted a house just on the edge of the small central Texas town,with a couple of kids, and Jordan Kendall and Tracy Jessop as his forever-mates.

Jordan worries about what his family will think when finds out he is bi-sexual. In fact he has an uncle who remained unmarried for that very reason and gave Jordan some great advice. However Jordan is from Lusty, they they already know and Tracey has waited her entire life to love Jordan. She falls just as hard for Peter and gets real tired of waiting real fast. I love when she heads over to the condo in her lingerie to offer herself up and the guys have some company there! Peter though being Peter helps the situation along!

His fingers combed through her hair, then cupped her head. She felt him tremble, just before he eased her back. She might be a virgin, but she understood she’d pushed both him and Jordan to their limits.

“Sometime in the next day or so, blondie, we’ll have you in this position again, and you’re going to do a hell of a lot more than inhale us.” Peter’s voice had dipped low, becoming an incredibly erotic sound that shivered through her.

“Oh, yeah,” Jordan agreed. “But right now, it’s our turn to touch and sniff and drive you wild.”

I like that Tracey was a virgin as well because it really played up the fact that she has only ever loved Jordan (and then Peter) and waited not wanting anyone else. It makes the story line that more poignant. I also love how Peter calls her “Blondie” because it really shows how fun-loving he is whereas Jordan is very serious. Of course without some bad guys Tracey wouldn’t be able to join her fellow Lusty women in those “She didn’t!” stories they love to share. When Peter’s work follows in the form of a hitman it will take the three of them working together to overcome him.


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