Lumberman Werebear: Saw Bears #7

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Lumberman Werebear by T.S. Joyce
Series: Saw Bears #7
Genres: Paranormal Romance

Haydan Walker is perfectly content as the only remaining bachelor in the Ashe Crew. Sure, his crew seems happy, but his bear is different and has no urge to find a mate. So when one of the Gray Backs begs him to claim his sister, Haydan’s instinct is to run as far away as he can. Cassie Belle isn’t taking no for an answer, though, and Haydan is about to find out the little sexy-as-hell, smart-mouthed hellion is toting some serious baggage.

Cassie is no pushover. She knows what she wants, and she patiently hunts until she gets it. And right now, she wants Haydan to claim her so she’ll be under the protection of the giant, tatted-up, steely-eyed bad boy bear shifter. She’ll be the perfect mate—friends with benefits—and she’ll be sure to leave her emotions at the door. It’s a solid plan until Haydan shows her how different life could be if she’d only let someone in.

Change is hard, and facing her past even harder, but if she can allow Haydan to help, Cassie just might find the sanctuary she’s been searching for.

Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.
Adult only bear shifter romance.

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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As the last remaining single member of the Ashe Crew Haydan Walker is happy. His bear doesn’t want to mate and when Matt Barnes, a Gray Back, begs him to claim his sister Haydan quickly tells him no and runs out of the bar. However waiting in his vehicle is Cassie Belle who doesn’t understand any part of the word no. She has more than enough baggage for everyone at the trailer park and tells Haydan that she is fine with being friends with benefits as long as he mates her to keep her safe. Girl even has a list that she is checking off of things that she will and won’t do!

When I said that Cassie has baggage that was putting it so lightly. She, along with Matt and others, were kidnapped as children and had to suffer experiments at the hands of the government. It has affected all of them and there are a couple of members of the Ashe Crew that Cassie recognizes but can’t place. Cassie uses sex as a way to feel whole and safe however Haydan ain’t having that! I LOVE that there is a switch in that the woman is dang near assaulting the guy.

“He’d filled the dark corners of her life with light and gave her the strength to chase away her demons. He’d shown her how strong she could be and loved her despite all of her faults. He’d stood quietly by, proudly watching her as, little by little, she found herself.”


About T.S. Joyce

T.S. Joyce is devoted to bringing hot shifter romances to readers. Hungry alpha males are her calling card, and the wilder the men, the more she’ll make them pour their hearts out. She werebear swears there’ll be no swooning heroines in her books. It takes tough-as-nails women to handle the shifters of Bear Valley.

Experienced at handling an alpha male of her own, she lives in a tiny town, outside of a tiny city, and devotes her life to writing big stories. Foodie, bear whisperer, ninja, thief of tiny bottles of awesome smelling hotel shampoo, nap connoisseur, movie fanatic, and zombie slayer, and most of this bio is true.

Bear Shifters? Check
Smoldering Alpha Hotness? Double Check
Sexy Scenes? Fasten up your girdles, ladies and gents, it’s gonna to be a wild ride.

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