Rating System


Curious as to what I mean with those little stars? Well now you can know just where I am coming from when I rate each book. Here are the things that I take into consideration when giving my rating:

  • Plot: The story line, whether or not it had a point, and could I follow it.
  • Premise of the Story: To be honest sometimes the idea of the story is all that I like. It happens but this does affect my rating.
  • Writing: How was the author’s writing? Was it too descriptive? Have too much extra?
  • Originality: Was the story unique? This is important when you read as much as I do and with a series.
  • Characters: Did I connect to the characters? Could we be friends ? Did they seem real to me?
  • World of the Story: Was I able to picture the world the story takes place within my mind? This is super important for me. If I can’t pictures the world I typically put the book straight down.
  • Pace of the Story: Was it over to quick? Did it drag on?
  • Feelings: How did the story make me feel?
  • Cover: This is the first thing I notice and while I work hard not to judge a book by its cover I just can’t help it. The cover either draws me in or makes me move past the book.

1 star rating


Didn’t like it at all. I struggled to finish it and most likely only did it because I was committed to it.

2 star rating


It was alright.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. It was okay for a if there is nothing else to read kind of moment.

3 star rating


Liked it.  While it wasn’t an OMG you have to read this moment. It kept me entertained and I enjoyed it. It won’t make my Read Again List but I won’t delete it from my Kindle either.

4 star rating


Thoroughly Enjoyed It! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, would read it again, and recommend to others.

5 star rating


LOVED IT!! OMG I loved this book, there was more than enough to keep me entertained. It has already made it’s way to Read Again List and chances are you should rush out and get this book because it is awesome!

Half Ratings

I do use half ratings when my opinion falls somewhere in the middle. It happens when I can’t decide just where the book should be because maybe I didn’t love it but would read again.