Review: Bearly Healed {Pacific Northwest Bears #4} by Moxie North

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Review: Bearly Healed {Pacific Northwest Bears #4} by Moxie NorthMy Rating:

Bearly Healed by Moxie North
Series: Pacific Northwest Bears #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance

Cash Rochon was a lumber man through and through. He loved his family, his job, and was waiting for the right woman to come along. She was going to be the one meant only for him, his mate.

A pixie with a sharp tongue, Cassidy Hackett had grown up without a clue of what a family should be. Her childhood was spent in foster homes with only her best friend Effie to love her unique personality. When Effie found herself mated to a cougar shifter, Cassie couldn’t help but feel left behind. Using her best defenses, sarcasm and humor, Cassie kept everyone at arm's length to protect her heart.

One fateful night, Cassie decided to drown her sorrows at still being left behind. Not only in life, but in love. When an accident almost took her life it made Cassie realize that she had even less to live for.

When Cash hears about a human sent to recover at his relative's home from a tragic accident, he is happy to provide a helping hand. What he doesn’t know is this broken scarred woman was destined to be his mate. After waiting decades to find his true love Cash is willing to do whatever it takes, including supplying junk food to get his mate to lower her walls and let him show her the love she’s always needed.

True love can be as simple as trusting a grizzly to hold the heart of a pixie in his hands.


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My Review
Cash is a bit lonely. He thought that by now he would have already had a mate and a family but it hasn’t happened. He also happens to be very large and sexy (Effie called him Paul Bunion) with a soft heart. He is truly the kind of man that any woman would want. Add in the fact that he is a grizzly and he couldn’t be more perfect! While Cassidy is a bit more rough around the edges. Her only real family has been her best friend Effie and by extension Effie’s cougar mate.

When Cassidy has a terrible accident on Christmas (this happens at the end of Jingle Bears) her recovery is taking a while. She feels like she needs to get away from the ever hovering and loving Effie and so Dax arranges for her to go stay with his in-laws (through his sister’s marriage) and friends the Rochons. Who happen to be bear shifters and while Cassidy knows about the cougars the bears are a surprise.

Cash is curious about the human who is recovering. She doesn’t leave her room when there is company and only his aunt, uncle, and a cousin’s wife has seen her. So he sneaks out one night after dinner to meet her, so of. I love that Cash went up to her window and talked to her from the shadows of the night. Cassidy felt comfortable because he didn’t have to see her or her scars.

Cassidy finds out about the bears through a little imp bear who decides it is time to show herself. I love the twins!They are just so cute! Cassidy also meets Cash face to face within moments of discovering the bear shifters. The moment their eyes meet Cash knows he has found his mate and then he becomes the typical alpha male! “MINE!” is is new favorite word. I loved both Cash and Cassidy from before and hoped they would get their own stories. Little did I know it would be together but there is honestly no two people who deserve happiness more.

Once again Moxie North has shown us that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. Cassidy felt like a failure at life and all it took was one strapping grizzly to show her that love can come in all sizes and it doesn’t have to cripple you. It can not only lift you up but heal you at the same time.


Series Reading Order

Reading Jingle Bears will bring up to speed on Cassidy’s accident. All the other books introduce you to the Rochon’s.

The Cougars Reading Order

Here you will find Effie and Dax’s story in Cougar’s Victory. It is there that you will also meet Cassidy and Cash.

About Moxie North

Moxie North lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. As an avid reader, Moxie was a big fan of what she calls “mental fanfiction.” After reading an amazing book she would keep the story going in her head. Then one day she finally decided she had some stories of her own to tell.

Currently, Moxie is working on adding to her paranormal shifter romance series: Pacific Northwest Bears and Pacific Northwest Cougars. She enjoys living in the PNW, listening to the rain, drinking way too much coffee, and watching bad TV when she’s not writing.

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