Review: Rogue Bear Box Set by Meredith Clarke

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Review: Rogue Bear Box Set by Meredith ClarkeMy Rating:

Rogue Bear Box Set by Meredith Clarke
Genres: Paranormal Romance

These Special Forces bears are set on keeping their promises and finding the courage to love again.


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Overall Review

Overall this is a really great series! Although each book is a short read and I really thought there could be much more (just my opinion) I enjoyed each and every story. I loved that each of the guys were in the Army and did what they could for their country. They were all strong and super hot. the women were great and the perfect mates.

Ranger Bear

Ranger Bear (Book 1)
After the death of his Ranger teammate, Kyle Brake has had one mission: fulfill THE promise he made to his best friend. Only Kyle didn’t know by fulfilling the promise he would meet his mate.

Whitney Collins has lost everything. But when her brother’s best friend shows up on her doorstep life takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly, she has hope.

She falls head over heels for the Ranger, but Kyle’s mission isn’t over. His bear is torn between the promises he has made to defend his country, and the instinct he has to protect his mate.

When Kyle is faced with the ultimate choice, what will he do?

A Ranger never breaks HIS promise.



My Review

This was a pretty quick read and for me it went a little fast. Whitney is having a bit of a rough time with everything that has been going on and then her brother’s best friend shows up to fulfill his promise. My biggest issue with this is how accepting Whitney was of learning that Kyle was a shifter. It bothered me since it wasn’t mentioned anywhere that shifters were normal in society. However that really didn’t take anything away from the great read this book was. Yes she was accepting but maybe it was simply all the hotness that was Kyle that made it easier!

Delta Bear

Delta Bear (Book 2)
Haley Manning is trying to put the broken pieces of her life back together. Dedicated to medicine and healing people, the doctor signs up for a volunteer program to help returning war veterans.
Jax Landon has been in Delta Force so long he has neglected his duties as clan alpha. But when he’s home on leave he meets a doctor who knocks on his door, eager to help him readjust to civilian life.
Haley searches for meaning and logic when she’s around the dark, brooding soldier, but Jax knows with his bear finally awakened new choices have to be made.
Is Haley the answer to everything he’s been searching for or the one thing he should resist the most?

My Review

First things first: Haley thinks Jax is nuts when he tells her he’s a shifter. That was perfect and much more real for me! Haley is lost and Jax thinks he knows what he wants but life has a way of showing us what we need. The conflict with the rival pack really added to the story. This is one out of the three that I really thought could have been much longer. There was just so much there.

Beret Beat

Beret Bear (Book 3)
Former Green Beret Gage Lincoln has one thing on his mind: forgetting everything that happened on his final mission. Desperate to escape the demons haunting him, he hits the roads of Washington.

Avery Phillips is trying to plan her wedding, only her fiancé won’t give her the time of day. She thought she had what she wanted until a dark brooding guest arrives at her inn.

When Gage’s bike breaks down in the small town of St. Claire, his bear discovers his mate is running the inn where he’s staying. She was the last thing he was looking for.

Now Gage must decide between letting her live the life he thinks she deserves with another man or giving in to what his bear truly desires.

My Review

This one was good but again the woman just believed right from the get go. Gage was also super angry that his mate was with another man. I mean life sort of happens that way and they work through it. The ending of this one is really what set my rating for me, it just seemed like it was sort of blah…it’s over! I had high hopes because I really thought Gage was awesome.

About Meredith Clarke

Meredith Clarke likes long walks in the trees and drinking sangria. Yeah for real. Like Edward Sparkly Cullen style. She writes alpha male yet cuddly characters and the hot women that love them. Open a book or two, eat a smore, and cuddle up with the men of Meredith Clarke.

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  1. Again, not sure that this series is for me. First, because shorter stories usually never work for me. And second, they just aren’t the types of books that I read. But I did enjoy reading your reviews. Maybe it is time that I at least TRY to broaden my horizons!

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