Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears, #4)

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Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears, #4)My Rating:

Sawman Werebear by T.S. Joyce
Series: Saw Bears #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance

Slow-simmering romance, secrets by the dozen, heart-warming triumph, and a crew of sexy lumberjack werebears come together to tell Brighton’s story in this final installment of T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Saw Bears series.

Brighton Beck’s inner grizzly is out of control. It’s been months since he killed his tormentor, but just seeing the man who stole his voice has put his bear on a bender. When a timid woman at a local diner approaches him, he couldn’t be less interested. She’s mousy, submissive, and worst of all…human. Or at least he thinks she is, but she proves to him things aren’t always as they appear. And now it’s up to Brighton, and his broken bear, to find out who Turned her.

Everly Moore is up to her eyeballs in problems, and at the top of the pile is a sickness her doctors can’t figure out. When Brighton takes an oath to draw her bear from her, it’s apparent he’s not only lost his voice, but he’s lost his mind as well. But when she discovers the dark secret of what’s been done to her, she’ll have to lean on the quiet man who has intrigued her throughout the years. The only problem is, Brighton is fighting demons of his own, and if she can’t reach the animal within her and survive the Change, she and the man she is falling in love with could both be lost.

Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Adult only bear shifter romance.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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Brighton’s story is one of my favorites!! It is simply a beautiful story about two people who are struggling and fighting so hard just to survive day to day. They have both been broken by life and yet they find each other and make one another stronger than they ever imagined. You may remember I told you that Brighton Beck doesn’t speak and hasn’t for a number of years. He suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of cruel human scientists and as a result his bear has become an insufferable monster. One who can’t easily be controlled. Brighton knows and understands that both him and his bear are broken and not only accepts a lonely existence but he also vows to never claim a mate. In his mind what woman would want someone as scarred as he is and even if they did how would he talk to her.

Everly “Ever” Moore has had a life almost as tragic’s as Brighton’s. Now she has lost her job, has more medical bills than she can handle, is about to lose her apartment, and to top it all off the doctors can’t tell her what is wrong with her. The only thing she knows is that she is sick and dying so when she sees Brighton in the diner she is unsure why but being near him makes her feel better. However she is heartbroken when he rejects her attempt at friendship only to awaken later in his truck. Brighton knows what is wrong with Ever and when he finds out who did this to her he is beyond angry. He feels like he is responsible and he sets out to help her. Through helping her he finds the strength to love and help heal himself.

This one made me cry at times and laugh at others. I love that the guys make bets on just about anything under the sun and the way they all comes together to celebrate everything from a wedding to meeting a new member. If you have not yet checked out this series then I highly recommend it!

About T.S. Joyce

T.S. Joyce is devoted to bringing hot shifter romances to readers. Hungry alpha males are her calling card, and the wilder the men, the more she’ll make them pour their hearts out. She werebear swears there’ll be no swooning heroines in her books. It takes tough-as-nails women to handle the shifters of Bear Valley.

Experienced at handling an alpha male of her own, she lives in a tiny town, outside of a tiny city, and devotes her life to writing big stories. Foodie, bear whisperer, ninja, thief of tiny bottles of awesome smelling hotel shampoo, nap connoisseur, movie fanatic, and zombie slayer, and most of this bio is true.

Bear Shifters? Check
Smoldering Alpha Hotness? Double Check
Sexy Scenes? Fasten up your girdles, ladies and gents, it’s gonna to be a wild ride.

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