Series We Are Visiting in August

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Book Series We Are Visiting

This month we are going to be spending a little time with three of my favorite authors! These ladies know how to make a series that will keep you coming back for more and want to cry when it over. These series will introduce you to some super HOT men and strong women who love them! I hope that you enjoy these as much as I have and maybe you find something new to read.

Meet the Saw Bears

Saw Bears by T.S. Joyce

T.S. Joyce is one of my all time favorite paranormal romance authors. I have all of her series and you will find her here at Blushing Reads a lot! I love sharing my thoughts on her work as well as when she has new releases. Her Saw Bears series introduces us to the Ashe Crew who happen to be some super hot Lumberjack Werebears! Living in the trailer park could not be more fun when you are surrounded by these men who have a love of boxed wine, a redneck hot tub (back of the pickup truck), and a good old fashion slip n’ slide drinking game! This series actually spawned two spin-off series that I will be sharing with you throughout the year. I came to this series through the Fire Bear spin-off and actually started out of order because I wanted to know more about Bruiser who is mentioned in Fire Bears. What I found was a group of men who bring new definition to the word dysfunctional family but it works and works well. They see themselves as less than most of the time but they have more honor, love, and caring than most.

Meet the Callaghan Brothers

Callaghan Brothers by Abbie Zanders

Abbie Zanders knows how to write a series that will make you weep when it comes to an end. Thankfully she decided to add in a book about a friend and some cousins because I was so not ready for this series to end! I mean like ever! Maybe she will do some sort of holiday special or something just to give us a fix! The Callaghan Brothers are all Alpha ex-Navy SEALs who now work black ops. so black that no one even knows their names or what they do. There are rumors around town but no one knows for sure. Each one owns a business or manages the family affairs in one way or another. Of Irish descent they are all looking for their croie (their heart), that one woman who makes life worth living. Each one meets her in a rather unique way and each story is as heart warming as the last. One thing that I love is that family is very important to these men and that the family pub seems to be the center of the family.


Enter Alluring Indulgence and Meet the Walkers!

Alluring Indulgence by Nicole Edwards

I stumbled across Nicole Edwards and Alluring Indulgence one weekend when I was looking for something to read and I was hooked after the first book. Alluring Indulgence is actually an exclusive member only erotic resort that the Walker brothers open. Each book is about a different brother and the way they go about meeting their loves. I am talking everything from some super hot threesomes (I will never look at a sundae the same way again) to a “Will Work for Sex” sign (yep he sooo went there) to one of the hottest male/male relationships I have ever read about. They overcome their own fears as well as those prejudices of  many.


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6 responses to “Series We Are Visiting in August

  1. Julie Wood

    The Callaghan Brothers by Abbie Zanders sounds like an interesting series about ex Navy Seals who work as black ops. These books are a must read!!

  2. Heather Manheim

    The Saw Bears series sounds like cool and interesting reading! Different! I had not heard of this series yet, thanks for sharing the info!

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