Series We’re Visiting in July

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Book Series We Are Visiting

This month we will be visiting a couple of series. One thing about a book series is that you get to keep up with all of your favorite characters as you learn and get to know new ones. I use to not be a big series kind of girl but that changed as I got older and found that it was more like coming home to old friends as each new book came out. While we are vising these series this month and catching you all up to date be sure to stay on the lookout through out the year and in the future for any other new books in the series.


The biggest series we will visit this month is the Lusty, Texas series by Cara Covington. This series was actually my first time reading any sort of menage book and I actually started the series out of order. I have a thing for Navy SEALS and well one of the books was about a couple of hot ones so there you go. From the moment I began reading this series I was hooked. I had to rush out and get the entire collection to date so that I could catch up and then of course sign up for notifications on Amazon so I know the moment a new book hits the stands. Lusty is a little town in Texas where family and love is always the most important thing and it doesn’t matter if that family has 1, 2, or 3 dads. The men are strong and gorgeous and do whatever it takes to protect their women but those women are anything but weak. They have a strength that only the men of Lusty could handle.

Heroes of Chance Creek

Four brothers who after severing their country have a chance to get their family ranch back. However a meddling aunt has an ultimatum, get married by a particular day or lose it all. Now they must find wives, get the ranch up and running, not to mention deal with their own demons. Throw in a fun Christmas story with a couple of friends and you have the perfect mix. I love that the various Chance Creek series (yes there is actually more than one) cross paths from time to time in the books. The Heroes of Chance Creek are just screaming for some attention.

Cowboys of Chance Creek

Cowboys! Need I really say more? Friends, brothers, and others all cross paths and find love in Chance Creek. A place where just about anything could happen including terrorists.  I actually came to the Heroes of Chance Creek series first. Another one of Navy SEALS got me things but fell in love with the people and with Cora Seton the author and just kept reading. So once I discovered the Cowboys of Chance Creek series I was hooked!


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4 responses to “Series We’re Visiting in July

  1. Nicole Dziedzic

    I am very excited to see what is in store, i need a new book series to get into for the summer, especially since we travel more on the road. Lusty Texas sounds perfect for me.

    • Lusty Texas is the perfect series! There are more than enough books in the series to keep you busy while traveling. Every time a new comes out I rush to get because it is like visiting with old friends.

  2. Jessica Cox

    I love any kind of military man they are so alpha .My kindle and me really want to visit Lusty Texas,sounds so hot.

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