Review: Sound of Heartache (Sound of #2) by: Chelsea Roy

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Review: Sound of Heartache (Sound of #2) by: Chelsea RoyMy Rating:

Sound of Heartache by Chelsea Roy
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Aimee was cruelly yanked away from her first and only love. She has never gotten over him and watched from afar as he rose to superstardom. She's let fear control her and never reached out to him no matter how much she wanted to. This time is different. This time, she's determined to see things through to the end. But will he still want her?

Brent tried to get over the woman who shattered his heart. Moving on has been impossible, and God knows he’s tried. He knows if she wanted to find him, she could. He has never given up hope even though he knows it's highly doubtful he'll ever see her again. And if she did show up, what would he say to her anyway?


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My Review
Aimee and Brent met in college when Brent needed a biology tutor and Aimee offers to help him. They become friends and then more than friends. However Aimee has secret that could tear them apart. Once she is forced to share that secret the relationship becomes strained.  Aimee ends up leaving in an effort to not lose Brent forever. Years go by and just when Brent is ready to give up on ever even seeing Aimee again she shows back up. That, of course, means they now have to face all of their issues including why Aimee stayed gone. This book was confusing a bit for me. The characters were good and the plot was solid but there were times when they reacted in ways that maybe I felt should have been different. The blame game that seem to play was frustrating for me.



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One response to “Review: Sound of Heartache (Sound of #2) by: Chelsea Roy

  1. Rosie

    This sounds like a good read in that the plot is believeable at least to me! And those years of your life can be so full of hope and angst about what to do, is fun to read when it is someone else!!!

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