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Well summer has officially began and I am thrilled to partner up with Rita Reviews and bring you a wonderful giveaway. If you are a new follower then you should know that we partner up a few times a year for a really large giveaway and this summer one is spectacular. Of course the ones that we have planned for later in the year are just as wonderful. We even have a new partner coming in for some of the ones later in the year.

The kids are out of school and now you have to entertain them not to mention a vacation to plan (if you are having one) and then get ready for the back to school thing. We have decided to try to help alleviate some of your stress this summer by giving one lucky reader what almost all of us need and that is simply cash! Let’s face it everyone can use some extra cash especially during the summer. You can use it for whatever you wish and our hope is that maybe you will use at least a little of it to enjoy the summer a bit. Good luck to everyone!


Enter below for your chance to win $1000 PayPal cash. The giveaways is OPEN Worldwide (winner must have a valid PayPal account to claim prize) and ENDS June 29, 1016 at 11:59 pm EST. Void where prohibited.

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54 responses to “Summer Fun Giveaway

  1. Arica Hutchins

    I have 4 kiddos. And my 11 yr old daughter wants to go to space camp so badly. She got straight A’s all yr long. She got president achievement award and next yr 6th grade she is already enrolled in honors classes. I would put this towards space camp as she wants to be a NASA astronaut and if theres any left i will def take the other 3 to a water park for summer fun! Thanks for this blessing. It truly would make dreams come true!

  2. Kathy Davis

    My daughter’s 25th birthday is in July, and I would like to take her somewhere special for the day. And, I would give her the extra to put toward her student loans.

  3. Tracey

    Lend it to my cousin for nursing school tuition as this past year her family has hit a terrible time. Dad with cancer is going through chemo treatment and her brother jus recently passed away. Tough time for her right now. And I want to relieve her of any stress from school if possible

  4. Amanda Ruane

    I would help my sons with books for their books. Both of them worked through high school n college so I would like to help them in anyway possible. Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. Sheila Innes

    heiMy granddaughter Hannah is coming over to the UK and I would treat her to loads. She gets ignored because her 4 year old twin brothers takes all the attention. We are pensioners so don’t have too much disposable income so this would help massively!

  6. Sarah S

    I would buy a new Kindle, get my grandson stuff he needs and extras of course, and have a ramp built to get in and out of my house without using the stairs (my knees are in bad shape and the stairs are painful and I am unable to do them every day).

  7. Penny Leidecker

    I would use the money to go towards medical bills that are getting ready to start rolling in. I was hospitalized the last week of April and got out the Friday before Mother’s Day!

  8. Cynthia Powers

    I would put it towards supplies for my stained glass business, save some and spend a little on books for myself.

  9. Pamela Gramlisch

    What I don’t spend on books. I will use toward my vacation in August. I will need the extra spending money so I don’t use my credit cards.

  10. Vivian Furch

    I would get a few things clothes wise that I need and share some it with my two kids for my granddaughter and then do something special for my mom who is my best friend and who is always helping me.

  11. Vivian Furch

    I would get some clothes that I need then I would share some with my kids and granddaughter and do something really really really special for my best friend my mom who is always helping me.

  12. My 15 year old daughter and I were planning a “Mommy-Daughter” weekend getaway but then we had to do some car repairs. I would use some of the money to take us away for an extended weekend. The rest of the money I would split between my book shopping addiction and put away for the sweet 16 party I am throwing her in a couple months.

  13. Connie Blasing

    I’d renew my passport, AAA membership, and my state historical society membership. The remainder would be put towards bills or vacation fund for next year.

  14. Jeanna Massman

    I would share it with my family. I can think of a number of things I could buy for my grandson since he’s starting kindergarten in the fall.

  15. Dj Thompson

    If I were to win I would spend some on some summer fun, some on letting my daughter take drivers ed, some school clothes and supplies for her, and DEFINITELY some BOOKS FOR MYSELF 😊

  16. Samantha D

    I would pay my credit card debit then use the other half to pay for my plane ticket to Beijing! 😀 I’m moving in month!

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