Why Romance Books

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Why Romance Books

I get asked this a lot! Why are romance books my favorites? That is both an easy and a difficult question. I have always love happily ever after (I blame Disney!) When I was growing up I read a very wide variety of books and still do on occasion but there was just something about those happily ever after books that got to me. I was hooked from day one and while I will read just about any sub-genre within this particular genre there are some that I enjoy more than others. My sister is a HUGE paranormal romance reader and while I can handle those they are not my absolute favorite. I really have to get into the story line and I have on occasion. I enjoy historical romances as well and when I was young these were my favorites.

I have recently forayed into the erotica romances and to be honest I enjoy them more than I thought I would. I actually stumbled into them when I did a search looking for a particular theme and then well I got hooked on the series and just sort of feel in love with it.  I know that I am more than a little behind in this particular game but that is perfectly okay with me. Another favorite of mine has been and will always be Harlequin romances. Now they are a publisher and not a theme or sub-genre but I began my romance book journey with them and have continued to love the books they publish. I read my very first Harlequin when I was 13 and have been hooked ever since.


The difficult part is when things don’t really go the way I hoped. I have been reading this one series and I am going to be honest and say it is very dark and the main character (one of them) recently died. Now I am not sure how things are going to go in the next book, maybe he isn’t dead but I’m not sure and I am not sure what will happen. However after I finished the latest in the series I sat and cried and then realized I may not be able to pick up the next book to find out what happens. I am okay with some drama and everything keeping the lovers apart for a while but I am a happily ever after girl.  After all not many in life get one of their own.


What is your favorite theme or sub-genre in the romance world?


5 responses to “Why Romance Books

  1. Nicole Dziedzic

    I agree with you! My favorite books to read are romance books, i can really get into them and sometimes i finish a book within a couple of days. My mom recently cleaned out her attic and found boxes full of romance books, and i was quite excited to find some new reads in them. Very exciting when you start off on one and it gets really good, hard to put down a good romance.

  2. Sandy Cain

    Interesting! It might sound strange, and while I know many people are into historical romance, I prefer PRE-historical romance. My favorite series in this sub-genre is the Earth’s Children one by Jean Auel. (“Clan of the Cave Bear”, and on). They are truly special, and the romance between Ayla and Jondalar is a true wonder unfolding from book to book. If anyone hasn’t read these, get them now! (But read them in order for the full effect).

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