Woodcutter Werebear (Saw Bears #2)

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Woodcutter Werebear by T.S. Joyce
Series: Saw Bears #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance

Skyler Drake is in way over her head. As a breeder chosen by a Crestfall warrior, she’s had plenty of time to accept her fate. But when a chance encounter in Saratoga thrusts her into the path of a mysterious, and strange-talking shifter, Kellen, she begins to realize just how big the world is. And when Kellen-the-kidnapper turns out to be a battle-hardened werebear, she’s thinking she just might have stumbled upon someone who could love her despite her flaws—and possibly survive the wrath of her people.

Kellen would rather be hanged than watch a woman be hurt and trapped in a life she doesn’t choose, and when he gets a glimpse at just how much Skyler is keeping inside, he doesn’t think, only acts on protective instinct. Sure, he’s kidnapping her, but he knows what she really is, and she can escape any time she wants. Unfortunately, his bold moves and determination to show Skyler just how unbreakable she can be put his crew of lumberjack bear shifters in peril. But if he can toe the edge of danger, and avoid the wrath of his alpha, he just might find a mate worth sharing his secrets with.

Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.
Adult only bear shifter romance.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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I have to say that Kellen is one of my favorites from the Ashe Crew! I really love the sort of broken guys more than the ones that have it all more less together. Kellen Cade Brown is a little different from most people and it’s not just that he’s a bear shifter! People make him uncomfortable and he tends to just say whatever is on his mind. In fact he has trouble holding a simple conversation with anyone other than his brothers of the Ashe crew.  Kellen decided long ago  that a mate is not in the cards for him because of his abusive father. At the age of ten he was taken in by  Tagan and his mother, Merideth and painful memories still haunt him as well as his bear.

While grocery shopping for the crew Kellen sees the sad Skylar Drake sitting outside and he and his bear are immediately drawn to her.  So much so that he gives her a soda and a single rose from the bouquet that he bought for Brooke (Tagan’s wife and Kellen’s friend.)He can sense that she is a shifter but doesn’t know what her animal is and the moment he looks into her beautiful green eyes he is sunk. He also is appalled when he sees the bruises on her face. So he does what any guy would do to help and protect a woman who needs it. He offered her a ride and kidnaps her!

Yep he kidnaps her!! Her intended mate has beaten the crap out of her and Kellen will not stand for it. He already lived with abuse and he simply won’t allow it. Even though it could bring a war to the bears because Skylar isn’t a bear (I won’t tell you what kind of shifter she is because I love when you finally find out.) Tagan, as alpha, has to try to be diplomatic but when Skylar’s intended decides to do something vile and she tries to protect everyone Tagan takes Skylar into the Ashe Crew. Kellen and Skylar heal each other in so many ways. Their love is so innocent and you see Kellen begin to let go of the scare child that always was within him. It is truly a wonderful story.

About T.S. Joyce

T.S. Joyce is devoted to bringing hot shifter romances to readers. Hungry alpha males are her calling card, and the wilder the men, the more she’ll make them pour their hearts out. She werebear swears there’ll be no swooning heroines in her books. It takes tough-as-nails women to handle the shifters of Bear Valley.

Experienced at handling an alpha male of her own, she lives in a tiny town, outside of a tiny city, and devotes her life to writing big stories. Foodie, bear whisperer, ninja, thief of tiny bottles of awesome smelling hotel shampoo, nap connoisseur, movie fanatic, and zombie slayer, and most of this bio is true.

Bear Shifters? Check
Smoldering Alpha Hotness? Double Check
Sexy Scenes? Fasten up your girdles, ladies and gents, it’s gonna to be a wild ride.

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